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Willson Smith

Design Technologist • Shopify

Ottawa • Ontario • Canada

Hi! I'm a front-end web developer and Design Technologist at Shopify.

Look at some of the dumb things I made


Gifs are far from perfect, but there is beauty in imperfection. For years I've been creating gifs for any number of scenarios: a silly meme, a product demo, a Dragon Ball Z gif for geocities, and in that time I've converted hundreds of videos into gifs.

This website provides a quick and easy process for converting videos: pick a video, pick the settings, convert the video, download the converted gif.


A poorly scaled, but time-accurate simulation of our solar system. It's rough, I may never make it better, but it's pretty and I like it.

Voice clips

Searching for a new project to build, an idea came to mind, “What if maybe I could record audio clips?” To which my brain responded with “Uh, you have an iPhone with the voice memos app.” I swiftly ignored my brain and built this website.

Legacy willsonsmith.com

It's no longer in use, but it is a glimpse into the history of my personal website. I like having an archive of the old site, it is pleasing to reflect on the remnants of that website that have carried through to this newest version.

Migrate music

I have used Apple Music since launch, and in the beginning there were very few playlists to choose from. I had a series of playlists in Spotify, but did not want to manually create them. I built this website to migrate those playlists to Apple Music.

Years later there was an exodus from Spotify to Apple Music, and this found a new audience beyond myself.