picture of me

Willson Smith

Web Design

I build experiences that transcend all devices. Whether a large, small, or any of the other infinite number of device screen sizes, I aim to scale for everyone. Since the mobile web is apparently a thing, I have almost entirely stopped using photoshop for design. All design concepts I have are realised in the browser. Once were the days of photoshop and fixed website sizes, but here in the future, we have screens of all sizes that these old ways just don't play well with. By visualising a design in my head and immediately heading for the browser, I can quickly prototype and box out designs without hassle. Not only that but it allows me to progress quicker in the design process. I do not have to design, test, and go back to the drawing board to tweak.

Design is about more than how something looks though. To fully realise a good design, you need a good user experience. Part of this means treating performance as design, making sure a website is snappy before dolling it up. This does not mean you have to lose the look of a website though. Creating something visually appealing while maintaining a performance based mindset is a balancing act that I pay particular attention to.

Web Development

Utilising all available technologies I bring my designs to the screen. With a thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript I can quickly and cleanly assemble a website that flows. My concern is performance and the mobile web. if a website isn't fast, it's slow, and nobody enjoys a slow experience.

Tooling is an essential part to my development process. How you achieve the completeion of your craft on the web, is as crucial as accomplishing your final goal. This involves abstracting the coding process, using preprocessors like SASS allowing me to write less code, more efficiently. Utilising compiling, building, concatenating, and minifying tools and task runners such as Grunt and CodeKit to automate tasks and reduce production time. And of course using flexible editors that allow me to tweak them for my benefit to, again, speed up development time, at the current time I am enjoying Atom.